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Texas Investors

Texas > Selma

I'm a Real Estate Investor with some experience in oil and gas joint ventures in Oklahoma, Texas, & North Western United Satates. I have 11 years of Venture Capital funding experience and can set up a joint venture with my partners to access a larger pool of funds if the right opportunity presents itself.

$2,000 to $25,000

Texas > Brenham

I am a Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer (PE) in the Houston Texas area. I have worked in various aspects of the oilfield for 40+ years. This experience has been mostly in offshore drilling rig construction and operation but it has also included land rigs and drilling equipment. I have been an independent (self-employed) consulting engineer for 30+ years. I am currently a direct working interest participant in several different oil deals. (I also have some “dry hole” experience.) I am interested in all things marine, oil, gas and oilfield. (Since my grandfather was a derrick builder when they were built out of wood, it may be a genetic defect.) I am also interested in other, more "normal" investment opportunities. I am looking for advisory investments (with possibly some minimal amount of hands-on participation) in growing, high margin businesses that need working capital. I consider myself to be a patient investor, with money I earned the old fashioned way - I worked for it.

$10,000 to $300,000

Texas > Grapevine

Private investor. Have been involved in the construction industry and facility management. I have served on numerous boards of non-profits and arts organization. I am a new angel investor, looking for good ideas from people with excellent moral character and who treat their customers well. Will give special consideration to businesses by young adults, minorities, disabled veterans, and anyone needing a fresh start. I am looking to support highly motivated entrepreneurs who are building a track record of success.

$1,000 to $10,000

Texas > Lubbock

Age 57, Married, Lubbock Texas area. CPA working in healthcare finance for the last 30+ years. Seasoned investor looking for solid investment opportunities with upside potential. Amount of involvement will be dependent upon each opportunity.

$0 to $25,000

Texas > Edinburg

I represent private investors, JV's, private lenders, investment banks Types of Projects: Start-ups, Property Development, Manufacturing, Vehicle Dealerships, Hotel/Motels, Holiday Resorts, Spas, Emergency Funding.

$250,000 to $600,000,000

Texas > Flint

30 Year Old Male, Married with kids in North East Texas. Currently a Commercial Loan Officer since 2011. Bachelors, SFA Nacogdoches, TX. Investment Experience includes Real Estate, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Storage Facility, Mobile Home Park, Used Car Dealership, Residential and Commercial Construction, SPEC Construction, Fix and Flip, Multifamily Investments. Investor type is Commercial Lender or Individual Investor.

$0 to $130,000

Texas > Houston

I would like to invest in any businesses that can generate monthly income immediately.

$5,000 to $50,000

Texas > Katy

I have run my own businesses for over 30 years with great success. I would like to help others succeed and help them grow.

$1,000 to $100,000