Texas Investment Network

Texas Investment Network
Entrepreneur Advantages

Here are a few of the advantages of using our service:

  • Much lower cost than traditional Angel groups.
  • Most of the tasks can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home (does not require travel to "pitch" meetings).
  • More widespread geographic choices than traditional Angel group presentations (we offer a choice of all US states and/or multiple foreign countries).
  • A wider dollar range of opportunities (starting at lower and ending at higher deal values) compared to traditional Angel groups.
  • You can choose your own deal selection criteria (geographic/dollar range/industry groupings).
  • You don't have to rely on other group members participation in order for a deal to move forward.
  • You can influence the terms of the deal to suit your needs more specifically than is the case with traditional Angel groups.

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Texas Investors

Texas > Plano

Worked for over 30 years for one of the largest companies in the world. Now looking to represent a group of investors in high yielding investment ventures.

$50,000 to $5,000,000

Texas > Austin

Successful, entrepreneurial-minded investor with a keen eye for growth potential. Willing to consider any proposal where the numbers make sense. Endless contacts across various industries and also access to many high net worth investors.

$10,000 to $100,000

Texas > Rockwall

MBA Real Estate Analysis. 22 Years experience in start up businesses. Worked for and with Fortune 500 companies.

$50,000 to $100,000

Texas > Houston

Single, 31 y/o, Houston, TX. Extensive experience in Financial Services (commercial lending) and some experience in Healthcare. BS and MBA degrees. Primary investment experience is with publicly traded securities. Looking to expand investment horizons. Willing to take on any range of involvement as necessary.

$5,000 to $100,000

Texas > Austin

I'm an entrepreneur with a strong sense for business looking for profitable and realistic opportunities that I can help to develop with the correct partner.

$100,000 to $400,000

Texas > Kingwood

Reside in Houston, Texas. Tax, consulting, and accounting experience. Bachelor of Science, Economics - Texas A&M University. Masters of Business Administration - Rice University. Anticipated involvement - silent, but can provide feedback if necessary. Individual investor.

$5,000 to $50,000

Texas > Krum

Married systems and project engineer with over 25 years experience in both defense and commercial industries. Past experience in corporate financial business analysis to support strategic investment decisions. Established personal rental property business and ready to explore other opportunities.

$1,000 to $30,000

Texas > Laredo

I am a Certified Public Accountant and I own and operate my own practice in Laredo TX. My education is in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance and I help many local businesses in various industries manage their finances. I am looking for an Advisory role but would not mind limited hands-on if necessary.

$0 to $25,000