Texas Investment Network

Texas Investment Network
Entrepreneur Advantages

Here are a few of the advantages of using our service:

  • Much lower cost than traditional Angel groups.
  • Most of the tasks can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home (does not require travel to "pitch" meetings).
  • More widespread geographic choices than traditional Angel group presentations (we offer a choice of all US states and/or multiple foreign countries).
  • A wider dollar range of opportunities (starting at lower and ending at higher deal values) compared to traditional Angel groups.
  • You can choose your own deal selection criteria (geographic/dollar range/industry groupings).
  • You don't have to rely on other group members participation in order for a deal to move forward.
  • You can influence the terms of the deal to suit your needs more specifically than is the case with traditional Angel groups.

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Texas Investors

Texas > Dallas

Lawyer working in Dallas looking for investment opportunities.

$1,000 to $50,000

Texas > Houston

Professional looking for investment opportunities, 63 years old. Planning for retirement.

$5,000 to $75,000

Texas > Plano

Former C level executive looking to invest in and/or acquire service related companies in North Texas. All types of investments considered.

$10,000 to $300,000

Texas > Sugar Land

32 years of experience in Business sales and support, still working for a multinational company but close to retiring, looking for business opportunities for an extra income.

$1,000 to $100,000

Texas > Tyler

I'm 44 yrs old, married living in Tyler TX. Worked in oilfield as Drilling Fluids Eng. since 2013. Before that, worked in sales and acct mgnt in money transfer industry for 12 yrs. Background in QA/QC ISO 9000. BS in Bus. Admin. and MBA from UT 2011. Investment experience includes various securities, annuities and real estate. I'm an individual investor. Anticipated involvement would range from silent to advisory.

$2,000 to $30,000

Texas > Plano

I am a senior manager with a Fortune 500 company. My industry experience includes insurance, health care, telecom, and banking. I can invest individually or as a group (with my business partners.)

$1,000 to $500,000

Texas > Florence

I'm a 62 year old retired USAF and airline pilot. I live near Georgetown, Tx with my wife, who spends like a drunken sailor, so I need to get a good return on my money. Math degree from Hook 'Em U., but aggies ok, as long as I'm the boss (just kidding). I'll take any role in a deal that helps it work, from hands-on to silent. An advisory role may be tough, though, because all I know is flying planes and feeding my wife's horses.

$1,000 to $250,000

Texas > Arlington

Single 49 YO male. I currently own/run a successful conveyor installation company that travels across the us installing machinery/systems for beverage plants. Looking to be a silent or hands on investor and looking to expand my knowledge and get into something new and exciting.

$1,000 to $40,000