Texas Investment Network

Texas Investment Network
Entrepreneur Advantages

Here are a few of the advantages of using our service:

  • Much lower cost than traditional Angel groups.
  • Most of the tasks can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home (does not require travel to "pitch" meetings).
  • More widespread geographic choices than traditional Angel group presentations (we offer a choice of all US states and/or multiple foreign countries).
  • A wider dollar range of opportunities (starting at lower and ending at higher deal values) compared to traditional Angel groups.
  • You can choose your own deal selection criteria (geographic/dollar range/industry groupings).
  • You don't have to rely on other group members participation in order for a deal to move forward.
  • You can influence the terms of the deal to suit your needs more specifically than is the case with traditional Angel groups.

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Texas Investors

Texas > Sugar Land

Our firm works on projects ranging from $100,000 to over $3 Million. We are not industry or sector specific, our main focus is on projected ROI (Return on Investment). We consider both existing businesses as well as start-ups. We seek to identify viable businesses or ideas with developmental prospects to infuse our capital and technical know-how. Our team appreciates the efforts of entrepreneurs as we understand the difficulties of starting up a business and growing a business. We've had numerous success stories along with a few learning opportunities. We are very patient investors that understand what it takes to scale a business organically. We can work in any capacity as needed and can leverage our network of professionals and contacts for nearly any industry.

$100,000 to $3,000,000

Texas > Bellaire

CPA. Former CFO - 42 yrs old. Business entrepreneur. Current private equity investor. Willing to contribute time and expertise to an early-stage company. Respected and trusted member of Houston business community.

$10,000 to $250,000

Texas > Houston

I am the owner of a various different businesses ranging from beverage distribution to screen printing.

$1,000 to $30,000

Texas > Irving

I have been an accredited investor for over ten years now and currently have investments including promissory notes, oil and gas and real estate. I am interested in private business investment and promissory notes in Texas.

$10,000 to $100,000

Texas > Tyler

Flipping house hard money lender or gap funder

$10,000 to $250,000

Texas > Irving

I am a Dallas based entrepreneur and managing partner for a real estate investment company. I am looking invest in small businesses who are looking for investments that would take their business to the next level. I have a B.SC in computer science and information technology, as well as vast experience in managing businesses. Depending on the needs of a business I would be willing to take any position from hand-on to advisory or silent positions. I am an individual investor who is looking forward to working with like minded individuals

$1 to $1,000,000

Texas > Cedar Park

I am an energy market sector professional with over 18 years experience in alternatives, generation, transmission and oil & gas. I represent many investment funds looking for projects needing capital to get started, to get out of a challenging situation or to go public. Also, if you're looking for a majority equity partner, we may be interested.

$1,000,000 to $500,000,000

Texas > Cypress

I believe we should plan for the next 100 years to be successful in all available markets. I want to invest in sure and reliable companies on a regular basis to promote economic health and my families financial stability.

$500 to $10,000