Texas Investment Network

Texas Investment Network
Entrepreneur Advantages

Here are a few of the advantages of using our service:

  • Much lower cost than traditional Angel groups.
  • Most of the tasks can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home (does not require travel to "pitch" meetings).
  • More widespread geographic choices than traditional Angel group presentations (we offer a choice of all US states and/or multiple foreign countries).
  • A wider dollar range of opportunities (starting at lower and ending at higher deal values) compared to traditional Angel groups.
  • You can choose your own deal selection criteria (geographic/dollar range/industry groupings).
  • You don't have to rely on other group members participation in order for a deal to move forward.
  • You can influence the terms of the deal to suit your needs more specifically than is the case with traditional Angel groups.

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Texas Investors

Texas > Spring

Have worked in a distribution business for 15 years and so understand the ins and outs of a business and what it takes to grow a business. I am running my own distribution business. Can help in investment and also help in guiding the business to succeed.

$20,000 to $100,000

Texas > Victoria

I am 34 years old married from Victoria TX. I would love to invest in a Local Enterpreuner who has a sound business plan and experience.

$10,000 to $200,000

Texas > Baytown

35 year old with 12 years in retail. Also have years of experience as a business owner. Looking for entrepreneurs with Goals and similar Vision as myself.

$0 to $50,000

Texas > Garland

I am a 34 yr old, married, male, son of small business owner and an experienced large business executive. I have degrees in electrical engineering(BS) and computer science(MS). I understand technological integration from solid state physics through computation in multithreaded layered OS's. With 2 patents related to machine learning/analysis with respect to electronics. I am currently involved in real estate investing. My involvement is Limited Advisory as it pertains to my expertise or silent. I am an Individual Investor.

$20,000 to $100,000

Texas > Houston

General Manager with much experience. Made a few investments at young age that has now become strong assets. Looking to find a young and hungry entrepreneur as myself with self motivation and desire to succeed in making his dreams and investments come through.

$50 to $12,000

Texas > Cedar Park

Married couple who own a family entertainment center. Husband is a former Navy Construction Battalion (Seabee), with extensive experience in construction build-outs, managing contractors, and leadership. Also over a decade of experience as a financial analyst with the Federal Government, managing accounts in excess of $2B annually, and in private industry, making him ideally suited to ensure detailed financial management of the restaurant. Bachelor's Degree from the University of Virginia and an MBA from George Mason University in Virginia. My wife has a Masters degree from the London School of Economics. Prior to leading the family entertainment center she specialized in economic development and small business consulting, and now works closely with me to oversee every aspect of the business. Looking for companies that could compliment out family entertainment center or that are just interesting business opportunities.

$10,000 to $250,000

Texas > Plano

I am a senior manager with a Fortune 500 company. My industry experience includes insurance, health care, telecom, and banking. I can invest individually or as a group (with my business partners.)

$1,000 to $500,000

Texas > Saratoga

Individual investor, available mainly as advisory and or silent partner. Management finance business international experience. Bachelor's 37 single houston tx.

$10,000 to $100,000