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Entrepreneur FAQ

How do I submit a pitch?

The first step is to register as an entrepreneur. Then you'll be able to submit a pitch using our simple online form.

Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to login?

You must enter your email address and password with the same mix of upper and lower case letters you used when you registered. Often the problem is that a registered email address has an initial capital letter in it that is not being entered when you try to login. If you continue to have login problems use the Contact Us form to let us know.

Why is nothing happening when I try to login?

If you are submitting your login info and nothing appears to happen (i.e., you are not getting an error message) then the most likely reason is you are still logged in. If you leave the site without logging out, your login is remembered for 2 to 3 hours before it expires. When you return you can access your login area by clicking the "Entrepreneurs" link (or sublinks) in the top navigation bar (between the "Home" and "Investors" link). Where the "Entrepreneurs" link goes depends on whether you are logged in or not. TIP: You can mouse over the "Entrepreneurs" link to see what links are available and this will tell you whether you are still logged in or not.

What information should I include in my pitch?

There are tips in the pitch form about what to include in each section. Basic items that investors expect to see in a pitch are: a brief history of your business, what you need the funding for, why your company will succeeed, what relevent experience or expertise you or your team might have, what you are prepared to offer investors in return for funding.

I would like to contact a specific investor listed on your site?

It is up to the investor to decide if they want to connect with entrepreneurs based upon their pitch. It is part of our privacy policy with investors that we only provide their contact info to entrepreneurs when they express interest in the entrepreneur's proposal. We do not provide investor contact info otherwise.

Can I upload my business plan?

Yes, the Premium Service package allows you to upload additional documents for investors to view, including your business plan and/or whatever other documents you wish to share (e.g., pitchdeck, financials, executive summary, etc..)

How can I protect the confidentiality of my idea?

If you are worried about confidentiality we'd advise you to write enough to get investors interested in your project without revealing any sensitive information. Once you start discussions with an investor, you may want to ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you release more information.

Can pitches be edited after launch?

Yes, pitches can be edited at any time. Free Basic Service pitches will be reviewed after each edit to make sure no contact details have been included. You should try to refrain from making edits to a free proposal in the first few hours of it being released as there could be delays in reapproving and investors will not be able to find your proposal when they look for it. Edits to Referral and Premium Service pitches do not need to be re-approved.

What are the costs?

See the "Our Rates" page in the Entrepreneurs section of the site to find out more about what is included in our three packages. The Free Basic Service is $0, but has limitations in what you can include in your pitch and in your ability to follow up with investors who express interest. The Referral Service is $149 has no limitations on what you can include in your pitch and allows you to follow up with interested investors. The Premium Service fee is $249 and offers all the features of the Referral Service plus the ability to create an enhanced pitch and to have enhanced advertising on the site.

Do I have to pay for every contact?

No, your payment gives you access to the contact details of ALL the investors who show an interest in your pitch.

How can I pay?

We primarily use PayPal to process payments. You do not need an account with PayPal to make a payment as they offer the option to pay by credit card. Most people pay by credit card. If you have issues using PayPal contact us and we can make arrangements to use the Stripe payment service. NOTE: We do not off Paypal's eCheck option as the significant delays in clearing causes too much frustration for entrepreneurs.

Can I choose Referral Service first and then upgrade to the Premium Service later?

Yes, you can upgrade from the Referral Service to the Premium Service at any time and only have to pay the price difference.

Does my payment apply to all the proposals I submit?

No, your payment applies to the specific proposal that you pay the fee for. It is a per-proposal fee.

What happens at the end of the 180-day listing?

Before the end of your 180-day listing period you can opt to pay to resend or renew your pitch. Your pitch will then be renewed for another 180 days and will be resent to the investors. If no payment is made, you proposal will simply expire and be move to an "Archived Proposals" area of your login area.

Am I ever automatically billed to keep my proposal active on the site?

We never do automatic billing. Your proposal will simply expire after 180 days if you do not pay to have your proposal Resent or Renewed to keep it alive for another 180 days from the date of these payments.

Do I need to do my own due diligence?

We carry out a number of checks on each investor when they register, but you also need to do your own due diligence on any investor you deal with. Please check out the Security Notices page in your login area for things to look out for. Consult with legal council before paying any fee in advance of receiving funding (i.e., upfront fees). Contact us if you have any suspicions. To maintain accountability, you should only deal with registered investors or investors who have been specifically referred by a registered investor. Ask questions, get references.

How do I delete my account or proposal?

You can contact the site administrator using the Contact Us form to request deletion. You may also request that your proposal be set back to draft mode so that it can no longer be viewed by anyone but you can still view it and any interested investors who may have expressed interest in your proposal.

I have other questions. Who do I contact?

You can connect with us via our Contact Us form.

Texas Investors

Texas > Tomball

A Company that has been around since 2007 as a financial resource provider for commercial, residential real estate investors and business owner seeking capital.

$100,000 to $1,000,000,000

Texas > Melissa

Teacher with 100k to invest in North Texas. Will be hands off.

$10,000 to $100,000

Texas > Spring

Corporate finance and accounting professional with a personal interest in investing and entrepreneurship. Experienced in the manufacturing, chemicals and transportation industries. Interested in business opportunities that possess some distinct economic and competitive advantages. Adherent of a fundamental, value-oriented approach to valuing businesses. 32 years old, based in Spring, TX, happily married with 2 beautiful daughters.

$10,000 to $100,000

Texas > San Angelo

I am new to angel investing for myself. But have been a scout for my contacts who have been accredited investors for years now. I now have the capital for investing for myself, along with the contacts I have to draw from a large pool.

$1,000 to $25,000

Texas > Garland

I am a 34 yr old, married, male, son of small business owner and an experienced large business executive. I have degrees in electrical engineering(BS) and computer science(MS). I understand technological integration from solid state physics through computation in multithreaded layered OS's. With 2 patents related to machine learning/analysis with respect to electronics. I am currently involved in real estate investing. My involvement is Limited Advisory as it pertains to my expertise or silent. I am an Individual Investor.

$20,000 to $100,000

Texas > Frisco

34 years old, e-commerce entrepreneur in the DFW area, Frisco more specifically. Started a small e-commerce retail business 10 years ago which now operates passively through employees w/ several million in revenue. Due to the mostly passive nature of my business, I am looking to invest in other streams of revenue. Looking for a business that could use my expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, and SEO to grow. I can either be a passive investor or a straight up business partner depending on the situation.

$10,000 to $150,000

Texas > Dallas

I have been running a $150MM general construction company for the last 26 years, and I have recently left that company and am interested in any endeavors that are in my knowledge realm. Those would include construction, development of apartment, hotels, commercial buildings, etc. I have no interest in running the day to day aspects, but I will be involved in any business I invest in. I am looking for a person, that has great motivation and drive, and hopefully an existing company that is proven, but I would also consider a start up if I am impressed with the person and their ability to get business, and to manage the day to day operations.Integrity is first with me, and I want to be able to talk freely with the person about our business, and get accurate information regarding the current position of things. I am very experienced with marketing, contracts, management, estimating, legal, etc. I am eager to find the "right" situation, and get something going.

$50,000 to $3,000,000

Texas > Pearland

Currently a full-time Realtor serving the greater Houston area. Also a assistant manager at FedEx Office. I will have hands on on day to day operations utilizing today's technology to meet with revenues goals! Growth not only with the project but with all like minded investors who's looking for sustainability through our continuous working relationship.

$180,000 to $200,000