Texas Investment Network

Our Refund Policy

In the case that a proposed entrepreneur/investor contact does not take place at all, Texas Investment Network will provide a 100% refund to entrepreneurs after the proposal listing period expires.

All refunds require that a letter be sent (via email or posted) explaining the reason for the request. We reserve the right to authenticate all claims.

Please note - Texas Investment Network is solely a matching service and can offer no guarantee to any entrepreneur that an investor will invest in their business. In an effort to maximize credibility, each investor has completed an eligibility process stating that they are a credible investor among other things. Although these guidelines are in effect and we do everything possible to enable successful contacts, it is beyond the control of Texas Investment Network what happens once an actual entrepreneur/investor match is made. We caution both parties to have patience and proceed cautiously.

Texas Investors

Texas > Plano

I am a 42 year old male with interest in transformative technologies/business models across domains. I am based out of Dallas, married with 2 children. I am an entrepreneur myself with prior executive leadership experience with Big 4 technology organizations.

$25,000 to $50,000

Texas > Laredo

Novice Investor;Health care background & represent private investor

$25,000 to $500,000

Texas > Odessa

37, Odessa, TX. Professional Consultant in the Transportation, Oil&Gas, and Cleaning Services Industries.

$0 to $1,000,000

Texas > The Woodlands

I amm 32 years old, living in the Woodlands Tx. I am a Texas A&M graduate class of 08. I'm the Director of Operations for an investment firm, and V.P of a related real estate development company. We hold multiple portfolios in commercial real estate and multifamily complexes. During my off time I've started a fitness gym, and a drone service company. I'm a highly motivated investor, I look for great concepts and solid business plans. I'm an individual investor, but if the concept is solid I can bring in different partners.

$500 to $100,000

Texas > San Antonio

I am 47 and married for 24 years with a total of 8 children 4 boys and 4 girls which include 2 sets of twins. I was in education for 23 years retired as a Principal and looking to invest in an already established business as either a silent partners or partner. I have always been honest and upfront but extremely motivated and determined to succeed at what I do. I am a leader, have my BS and Master degree in education, completed the coursework for my Doctorate.

$10,000 to $20,000

Texas > Houston

I am an Engineering Consultant and have worked on consultant roles with Oil & Gas Super Majors all over the world. Have +10 years of experience. I am looking to invest with promising tech start-ups as silent or advisory investor. Investment experience: -New York Based mobile services company -California based futuristic technology company -Middle East based Education service provider

$5,000 to $100,000

Texas > Dallas

We are a global network of seasoned professional from all sectors of; Finance, Law, Real Estate, Accounting, Aerospace, Engineering, Development, Technology, Television & Film, Manufacturing to Public Company operating expertise. We work with professionals around the globe to provide the best solution to your short -- intermediate -- or long term challenges. We are an international Advisory firm that assists private and public company's in complex restructuring, financing, management, operations, branding, public relations and investor relations. Our vast network of professional can serve any size transaction. We are all equity partners -- we are not brokers. We do engage licensed brokers on an as needed basis.

$1,000,000 to $5,000,000

Texas > Austin

34 years old living in Austin, TX. Experience in operations, finance, marketing, and project management, mostly in upstream oil and gas. BS in Engineering and MBA from UT Austin. At this time I'm primarily interested in an equity investment for a startup food and beverage company or acquisition of an existing business. Involvement depends on type of investment/amount invested. Individual investor.

$10,000 to $100,000