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Our Refund Policy

In the case that a proposed entrepreneur/investor contact does not take place at all, Texas Investment Network will provide a 100% refund to entrepreneurs after the proposal listing period expires.

All refunds require that a letter be sent (via email or posted) explaining the reason for the request. We reserve the right to authenticate all claims.

Please note - Texas Investment Network is solely a matching service and can offer no guarantee to any entrepreneur that an investor will invest in their business. In an effort to maximize credibility, each investor has completed an eligibility process stating that they are a credible investor among other things. Although these guidelines are in effect and we do everything possible to enable successful contacts, it is beyond the control of Texas Investment Network what happens once an actual entrepreneur/investor match is made. We caution both parties to have patience and proceed cautiously.

Texas Investors

Texas > Borger

I am looking for possible investment opportunities in Texas and/or the surrounding states (Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico). I am 31 years old with a wife and 3 children ages 11, 8 and 3. I went to college and graduated with the intent on teaching and coaching. However, I began working at a refinery in 2008. In 2014 my family and I were presented with an overseas job opportunity located in Saudi Arabia. I accepted the job and have been working overseas since June 2014. My plan is to stay here to the end of 2018 when I should relocate to Texas. Up to this point the only investing I have done has been in the stock market. If the opportunity presents itself I would be willing to invest while still overseas. Of course this would mean I would have limited hands on involvement until I relocated back to the states. Once in the states I could be more hands on if required.

$10,000 to $100,000

Texas > Dallas

38 years old married with a young child based in Dallas. I am an experienced, international product management and marketing executive with experience in microbial testing, biotechnological processing, packaging, food & beverage manufacturing, operational consulting, retailing and technical servicing business. Have a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from McCombs school of business. I have worked in Europe, Asia and USA and have sold to customers all over the world including China, Brazil, Japan and South East Asia. I am looking for a hands on role as an individual investor in an established business looking for succession planning.

$50,000 to $2,000,000

Texas > Humble

Hi I'm a 34 year married father of one located in Humble, Texas. I'm the Founder and CEO of my own company. I've been in business over 6 years. I'm looking to become a silent investor in a growing business. I'm quite busy with my own business there I find being a silent investor would be a great fit. I don't have a particular industry I would like to invest in. As long as myself and the company that is seeking an investor makes a fair agreement I'm open to do business.

$1,000 to $30,000

Texas > Houston

25 year old single male looking to start investing more. I live in Houston, TX. I have been in real estate for 4 years and have opened my own telecommunications retailer and am in the process of opening a construction business as well. I am great with marketing, especially using social media. I'd prefer to be a silent investor but I can be hands on or advisory if needed. I will be an individual investor.

$1,000 to $20,000

Texas > Austin

I am a long term marketing executive. I have been the CEO of a marketing company for the last 11 years and have grown the company into a profitable powerhouse. I hold a degree in Business Admninistration obtained in Brazil as well as a Design & Marketing degree from Texas State University. I am an individual investor who is seeking opportunities from silent to minimal involvement.

$10,000 to $1,000,000

Texas > Sugar Land

Entrepreneur and investor with significant experience in mergers and acquisitions across multiple industries including prescription eyewear, safety equipment, fashion accessories, custom apparel, and print media. Manages a team responsible for digital marketing, web development, product sourcing, operations, and financial analysis. Enjoys solving problems, learning about new industries and discussing business ideas.

$0 to $1,000,000

Texas > Frisco

Married. IT professional with MBA and MS SCM. Currently invested in single family and multi family homes. Invest in stocks, funds, etf's, options.

$10,000 to $100,000

Texas > Spring

I am a 60 year old individual investor and have been married for 39 years. I bootstrapped and started up my own company 7 years ago in the Oilfield Services sector. My wife and I own 100% of an energy services company. I've been investing in Houston Multifamily real estate for almost 10 years and have several investments there. I'm also involved in 2 agriculture investments in Latin America. One in Colombia (Coconut & Teak Wood) and the other in Panama (pineapples). I've lived overseas and traveled extensively around the world for business. I'm keenly interested in the Agriculture sector.

$10,000 to $100,000