Texas Investment Network

Our Refund Policy

In the case that a proposed entrepreneur/investor contact does not take place at all, Texas Investment Network will provide a 100% refund to entrepreneurs after the proposal listing period expires.

All refunds require that a letter be sent (via email or posted) explaining the reason for the request. We reserve the right to authenticate all claims.

Please note - Texas Investment Network is solely a matching service and can offer no guarantee to any entrepreneur that an investor will invest in their business. In an effort to maximize credibility, each investor has completed an eligibility process stating that they are a credible investor among other things. Although these guidelines are in effect and we do everything possible to enable successful contacts, it is beyond the control of Texas Investment Network what happens once an actual entrepreneur/investor match is made. We caution both parties to have patience and proceed cautiously.

Texas Investors

Texas > Austin

I am a private investor, that have some participation in seven different companies and different industries. I still interested in to invest in companies that have a good potencial and need some equity, my participation is only as an advisor

$100,000 to $2,000,000

Texas > Irving

Married, living in Dallas Texas, did my masters and interested in private investing.

$50,000 to $200,000

Texas > Houston

Looking for new opportunities. Private investor.

$0 to $40,000

Texas > Kemp

Working on behalf of Attorney at Law facilitating financial transactions,

$1,000,000 to $10,000,000

Texas > Pearland

Late 40's Male Healthcare Executive looking to invest in Gulf Coast businesses. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree and a Masters of Business Administration degree. 20+ years experience in operating hospitals and managing multimillion budgets and hundreds of employees. I am also a musician and have experience in producing performances and events. I am interested in being an advisory to hands-on business partner and expanding into entrepreneurship.

$1,000 to $40,000

Texas > Houston

CPA with high net worth clients looking for relative liquid investments with a 1-5 year exit. 100,000 to 5,000,000 range

$100,000 to $250,000

Texas > Lufkin

I am looking to invest in a small business. I lived in the Lufkin area and have been in the automotive business for 20 years. I have a bachelors of business management degree. I am looking for something that I could be in the loop of what’s going on with the business but not in the day to day operations.

$1,000 to $50,000

Texas > Katy

UT-Austin MBA, CPA, Finance Director with experience at American Airlines, Ceva Logistics, Cameron International (now a subsidiary of Schlumberger), and Centrica.

$0 to $100,000