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Featured Proposals

Brand New Start Up Idea for Houston! No one has tried it yet! Let's be the first!

Become a part of this extremely fast growing industry. 2018 projected 7.9 billion in USD and 2024 is projected to hit 44.7 billion USD. We want to offer a great business model to grab a piece of this pie.



Oil Production for Sale - Monthly Revenue - Tax Benefits

Enhanced Oil Recovery Project on 7 existing wells in Caldwell County, Texas. Utilizing proven new technology to recomplete, horizontally drill, and fully equip 7 wells in the middle of a producing oilfield in the Eagle Ford, Buda, and Austin Chalk.



Ultimate Media Streaming Device and Service

The investment opportunity in the media sector by identifying the number of viewers and charging the viewers on a per person basis, as if they were going to movie theaters. We scaled our tech, so it can be used in several other sectors as well.



Advanced Modular Precast Steel Form Building System for Residential & Commercial Applications

DesignStone; a built world startup with a patented resilient building system seeks investment to commercialize its multiple award-winning technologies in the U.S. utilizing direct & licensing models via its pre-established & comprehensive TX network.



Odyssey Energy, LLC – Startup Conventional Oil & Gas Company

Identify opportunities in under-valued and “off the radar” plays, acquire acreage, perform technical evaluations and execute low risk upside to maximize value/cashflow. Grow acreage position and production over time through strategic acquisitions.



Medical Cannabis Manufacturing Facility - Proven Concept - Very High Margins - Debt/Equity Positions

Build 16,000 sqft. manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City. Established processes & technology from previous site. US market growing at 18% per yr. Strong team. Very High Margins. Heavily mitigated Risk. 20% return + principal. 3 Year payback period.



Laser tattoo removal clinic

Start‐up laser tattoo removal clinic located in San Antonio, TX. The competition in San Antonio is a nearly untapped with only 3 competitors performing tattoo removal as a primary revenue source. Other cities this size have an avg of over 20.



Oil and Gas Service Company

We are in search of an investor to help with an investment in buying equipment and tools needed to service oil and gas companies in their explorations. We are looking for an investor for long or short term with returns at very low risk.



Golf Performance Pack Investment Proposal

Golf Performance Pack (GPP) is a conveniently packaged system of nutritious and tasty snacks that help golfers replace calories and keep blood glucose levels stable so they can perform their best throughout a round of golf.



General Datacomm (Telecom) - http://www.gdc.com

Seeking EQUITY ONLY investment in a telecommunication company that boasts a technology that far surpasses the current product offering in the market. Government and Private sector clients and an installed base that spans over 40 years of development.



A BRAND NEW take on one of the oldest, most lucrative businesses on earth.

This is one of a kind. A very special business that I have given up everything and dedicated my life to. As a 33 yr old man, who has only worked for someone 10 months in his life, you can imagine my belief, and dedication I have to this idea.



Hill Country Casita Resort in Gruene Texas

Founders Firm has contracted to purchase an existing B&B property located on a beautiful 5-acre hill country tract of land in Gruene, Texas. We will construct additional premium farmhouse casitas, an event and social hall, and a large swimming pool.



Construction Industry

We are a turnkey concrete construction company a little over 3 years in the market and 16 years experience. Primary residential and commercial concrete along with development. With many contacts. Need help getting to the next level and competing.



FlyGuys - Nationwide Drone Service Company

FlyGuys provides nationwide drone services through our software platform and pilot network.



Seeking ACCREDITED Investors: O&G Industry. New FI Brought To Market. Acts Like a Mutual Fund

Invest in our partnership and own working interest rights in the biggest/highest producing oil fields like the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, and Bakken.



"New York Eats" micro-Bakery / Delicatessen

New York Eats micro-Bakery / Delicatessen will be the initial retail outlet and brand incubator for a variety of our other products. 1.Serious Bagels & Bagel Chips 2.Serious Iced Coffee & Tea 3.Serious Organic Soups 4.Serious NY Flourless Cheesecake



Film Franchise

MAXIMUM SPEED - A Major Motion Film. Norris Bros Entertainment; WE ARE BACK DALLAS, TEXAS! If you are a Chuck Norris or Walker, Texas Ranger fan (a billion dollar franchise) this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you!!



Government Contracted Residential Treatment Center for Children.

Are you like me and have a burning desire to help children that are at-risk reach their full potential and become productive citizens in our society? If so, this may be the investment for you.



PuR-EcO Zone Smart Building Fluid Dispersant Technology & Systems

Pur-EcoZone will focus on providing market and solution specific, on demand fluid, gas distribution and dispersal misting systems based on our core patents.



Conventional Oil & Gas Exploration & Development Opportunities

Fact - There is no more room for venture capital investors in the Permian & Eagle Ford Shale Plays! Join Us - There is less risk & capital required in conventional oil & gas prospects in South Texas generated by our team of experienced professionals.