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Entrepreneurs - How It Works

We have created a database of Texas investors who are regular investors in Texas startups and businesses requiring capital. Our site also gives you access to investors from our partner sites in New York, California, Florida, and Canada. We charge no commission and our rates are low, so the cost to you of finding investment can be as little as $149.

We offer a fast and easy process to get your business proposal in front of investors:

Step 1: Register as an Entrepreneur

The first step in reaching investors through the Texas Investment Network is to register. This involves answering a few questions about yourself in our one page registration form. It is free to register and the process only takes a few minutes. Click here to register.

Step 2: Create A Proposal

Once you have registered, you can then login and create an investment proposal. We don't ask you for a detailed business plan, only that you answer questions that investors need to know in order to do initial due diligence on your idea and your business. When you are ready to activate your proposal, a staff member will do a final review prior to releasing the proposal to investors.

Step 3: Find Matching Investors

Once your proposal is approved, our system will cross reference your proposal information with investor preferences to determine which investors should be notified about your proposal.

Step 4: Make Contact

Once your proposal is distributed to investors, you will be notified if an investor is interested in your proposal. Please be aware that we are a match-making service only. We receive no commissions so our rates for helping you find investors can remain low. Our system gives you access to contact information of interested investors, however, we do not become involved in due diligence, negotiations, or deal structuring between you and any interested investors.

Payment Options

Option 1 Submit your investment proposal for free using our Basic Services package. When our online matching service finds an investor interested in your opportunity, you can connect with the investor by upgrading to our Referral Services or Premium Services packages. Your proposal remains active for 180 days and all investor contacts are included in the price of the upgrade packages, no matter how many of them there are. Please Note: If you submit your investment proposal using our free Basic Services package, it must be 100% anonymous.

Option 2 Alternatively you can pay upfront for our Referral Services or Premium Services package and take advantage of our enhanced services before your proposal is released to investors. You can include contact details, website links, your logo, YouTube videos, images, and documents. This will increase your chances of finding investment by helping your proposal stand out more and allowing you easier and faster access to interested investors. Check out our our rates pages for the list of features associated with our Referral and Premium Service packages.

Texas Investors

Texas > Mckinney

Wide ranging, pragmatic executive with 30+ years building successful data and analytics businesses. Now in 6th year investing in more entrepreneurial businesses and running 3 businesses of my own. An ideal investment situation would be a minority stake in a growing, high margin business that needs working capital and some strategic assistance to expand, but have also invested as a silent partner. I bring considerable M&A experience, some private equity connections, and significant financial & investing experience; including creating an investor syndicate when the opportunity was big enough.

$50,000 to $2,000,000

Texas > Richmond

I am 43, businessman. Interested in all kinds of business that make money.

$2,000 to $60,000

Texas > Flint

30 Year Old Male, Married with kids in North East Texas. Currently a Commercial Loan Officer since 2011. Bachelors, SFA Nacogdoches, TX. Investment Experience includes Real Estate, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Storage Facility, Mobile Home Park, Used Car Dealership, Residential and Commercial Construction, SPEC Construction, Fix and Flip, Multifamily Investments. Investor type is Commercial Lender or Individual Investor.

$0 to $130,000

Texas > Frisco

34 years old, e-commerce entrepreneur in the DFW area, Frisco more specifically. Started a small e-commerce retail business 10 years ago which now operates passively through employees w/ several million in revenue. Due to the mostly passive nature of my business, I am looking to invest in other streams of revenue. Looking for a business that could use my expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, and SEO to grow. I can either be a passive investor or a straight up business partner depending on the situation.

$10,000 to $150,000

Texas > Alvin

Have capital and property available in Alvin, Texas that could be useful for the right business idea. Contact me for more details / inquiries.

$1 to $2,000,000

Texas > Houston

Senior-level experience in IT industry. Individual investor.

$10,000 to $100,000

Texas > Humble

Individual investor, 35 years old, married, located in Houston, TX. I have experience in business management as well as an MBA.

$1 to $250,000

Texas > San Antonio

I have in the real estate finance business since 2004 and in 2010 began to move into commercial lending & tier structures. Attended Texas State University for undergrad studies and an MBA from Incarnate Word University. Specialties: Financial structuring & restructuring, operational restructuring, senior management, leading teams, turnaround of business, retail and consumer sector, financial services, new business generation, strong and persuasive communicator. Strength in residential mortgages, commercial financing, major real estate developments, films, and turnarounds.

$10,000,000 to $1,000,000,000